Nutricias Barndietistdagar i Stockholm 2019

2019-10-03 - 2019-10-04

Plats: Haymarket by Scandic Hötorget, Stockholm

Exempel på innehåll:
– R&D of pediatric tube feeding
– ESPGHAN guidelines Neurological Impairment
– Nytt screeningverktyg för sväljsvårigheter
– Workshop Sondnäring
– Eosinofil Esofagit hos barn – Nytt PM
– Nya riktlinjer ADHD – Multiprofessionellt arbetssätt
– Upphandling & Avtal – Vem kan påverka?

EFAD Conference 2019

2019-11-01 - 2019-11-02

Plats: Berlin, Germany

Patient centred care is important in developing new standards of dietetic care, not only for the patient, but together with the patient. Ideally all dietitians should work in multidisciplinary teams. Regardless whether you are a clinical dietitian, or working in primary care, foodservice or higher educational institutes, working together with other professionals will improve patient outcomes. Innovation and e-health are important topics too.